Symptoms of hangxiety: sense of dread

One of the worst aspects of hangxiety is that dark feeling of dread. What did you say last night? You can remember some of things you said but not everything. You may be constantly on edge. You can be visualising moments of utter catastrophe in your head. You'll be looking for conflicts that you think you have had with other people. Hangxiety dread can leave you feeling trapped and frozen. It may lead to panic attacks and nausea. You can also suffer self-doubt, meaningless and even hopeless thoughts.

Although hangxiety is a terrible affliction, you have to remember that it is temporary, even though it can feel like you'll be stuck with these feelings of dread forever. It will pass, it will go and you will return to normal.

Hangxiety Dread Tips

  1. Breath in slowly through your nose and out slowly through your mouth.
  2. Get some exercise. Even a short walk will help. Although going outside sometimes feels like the worst thing you can do, there are many benefits in doing so.
  3. Eat regularly. Eat well. Eat food that comforts you.
  4. Avoid caffeine and smoking. And definitely avoid more alcohol, as you can end up in a spiral.
  5. If it feels really serious, talk to one of your besties or take medical advice. It might be the best thing you can do.
  6. For temporary relief, try our hangxiety tablets.