About Hankx

 Hangxiety - an anxious mindI would feel terrible. But it was not a feeling I was a stranger to. What I would think was an acceptable amount of wine for a school night would leave me the following day with not just the usual fuzzy head but an unshakeable feeling of worry - hangxiety. Sometimes it would be just a slightly unsettling feeling, other times the physical symptoms of hangxiety and at worst overwhelming dread at what I'd said or done - who had I offended?

Now we've all done it, got drunk and done things we regret the morning after. Some stupid comment or embarrassing dance moves but usually it's not as bad as you think. And anyway, everyone else is usually drunk too so they won't remember - hopefully. But even on nights where I'd only had a few and could remember most things, this dreadful dose of next-day hangxiety was making me close to giving up alcohol.

I discovered that I wasn't alone. A number of my friends would get the same thing and it was on discovery of this I decided it was worth trying to find a solution.

Over the years I experimented with various natural plant-based adaptogens, herbs, spices, nutraceuticals and anxiolytics. I experimented a lot. I discovered several blends of of these that were absolutely great at dealing with hangxiety, each mixture having different qualities. My friends were happy to be guinea pigs and between us we pursued the perfect hangxiety remedy. Enter Hankx and Regret Me Nots - ten years of hangover research in a wonderful capsule.

Regret Me Not capsules saved me and my friends from a lot of mental anguish. We hope they'll do the same for you.