Our Really Good Planet-Friendly Packaging

Forest trees

All of our packaging is very, very, very planet friendly - even the sticky tape keeping it closed - it's compostable and recyclable.

The Delivery Box

The box is manufactured from recycled cardboard. The label is recycled and uses a plant-based, vegan adhesive. The sticky tape on the box is made from recycled paper and the adhesive is plant-based and vegan.

The Pouch

The pouch liner and seal are made from cellulose and starch. The pouch is not made from recycled material but is recyclable and compostable. The labels are recycled paper, use a plant-based, vegan adhesive and are printed with plant-based inks.

The Card Insert

The card is made from recycled board and is printed with plant-based inks.

The Zig-Zag Shred Packaging

The zig-zags are made from recycled paper.