How many people get hangxiety?

How many people suffer from hangxiety

Hangxiety, is defined as the feeling of being overwhelmed, mentally fragile or anxious while recovering from drinking alcohol. If you're on this page you've probably either experienced the utter unpleasantness of it yourself, or you've got a friend who has.

Yet despite it not being as researched or talked about as much as it should be, it's not as uncommon as you might think.

Macmillan, the amazing cancer support charity commissioned a YouGov poll in 2019, and spoke to 2,160 adults about their drinking behaviours and hangovers. Among the bigger issues triggering a hanxious episode were:

  • Calling or messaging an ex-partner
  • Breaking or losing a personal item
  • Oversharing information

And here's the thing: 28% of those adults had experienced hangxiety in the past 12 months.


So somewhere between a quarter and a third of UK adults have suffered from a problem that until now had no easy solution.

Here's where Hankx Regret Me Nots can help. We've formulated a clever little capsule that when taken the following morning, if you are suffering from hangxiety, can lift you and calm you down and allow you to both get on with and actually enjoy your day.

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