What Is Hangxiety?


Hangxiety is a temporary condition brought on by consumption (sometimes excessive) of alcohol. It causes worry, fear, nervousness, mental strain and burden, and can lead you to having an awful time - worrying if you've said or done things you think you shouldn't have.

The troubling thoughts of hangxiety are usually unfounded. David Nutt, the legendary professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College, London explains the science behind hangxiety very brilliantly, and here's the boil down:

  1. The first couple of drinks you have stimulate the GABA receptors in your brain, and calm it down by making fewer neurons fire. This relaxes you.
  2. Are you on your third or fourth drink? Your brain starts to block glutamate, an important brain chemical. Less glutamate equals less anxiety. Now you're even more relaxed and less anxious.
  3. There's also an issue with noradrenaline (the flight-or-fight hormone) - alcohol causes further imbalances and messes around with your excitement and stress levels.
  4. Your brain isn't daft - oh no. It realises the chemicals in your brain are a bit out of kilter and tries to level things up. It'll try to bring the levels of GABA down and the glutamate back up. Now your GABA is unnaturally low and your glutamate is spiking. Hello there, hangover anxiety.
  5. Hangxiety usually makes its first appearance whilst you are in deep sleep. When drunk, you'll sleep more deeply than normal, and after around four hours, alcohol withdrawal kicks in. You can wake all jittery and shaky.
  6. Another key cause of hangxiety is quite simply being unable to remember some or all of the things you’ve said and done the previous evening. Glutamate is needed to lay down your memories, and the lack of it in your brain means you'll not be exactly remembering that thing you said to Sam, or dancing with the energy levels of a nineteen year old Zumba instructor.

The combination of the nutraceuticals in Hankx capsules are specifically designed to aid with hangxiety. Valerian root, lemon balm and ashwagandha are anxiolytics that can target these issues, and waterhyssop and L-Tyrosine help elevate your mood.

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